Pure Marine Collagen

Powder 300 gram

Pure Marine Collagen of wild caught cod from North Atlantic



Hydrolyzed marine collagen type 1:

For your health & beauty

Pure Marine Collagen is of type 1 collagen, produced from fish skins (COD). With its high protein content pure marine collagen helps to maintain and build muscle mass. Ideal supplement in connection with training.
Collagen in the body is a natural component of the connective tissue and skin, and is a large part of the joints and tendons.

The cleanest collagen grant available.

Collagen from the skin of Norwegian wild fish (cod)

High bioavailability
Fish peptides are easily digested and quickly absorbed into the body
High protein content
Our marine collagen contains up to 95% protein
Perfect drink after exercise
The high protein content helps to maintain and build muscle mass.
Increased skin moisture
A clinical study with Nutricoll Marint Collagen indicates a significant increase (34.7%) of skin moisture on the face after 8 weeks of intake
Recommended daily intake
Pure Marine Collagen is completely flavor-neutral and can therefore be mixed in both cold and hot drinks. This product can also be mixed with other drinks / food. We recommend a daily intake of 1-2 tablespoons (5-10 g) in the first month. Then 1 tablespoon daily.

Tips for use
Stir out the recommended amount of our collagen in 1.5 dl of water or other beverages.
Please use shaker for faster resolution.
Nutritional supplements should not replace a balanced and varied diet. Recommended daily intake should not be exceeded. Keep in a cool and dry place, out of reach of children.
May contain traces of fish and shellfish. Should not be used by persons with fish and shellfish allergy.

What is the health benefit?

Collagen is the protein that is most common in the human body, in hair, nails, bones, tendons and connective tissue. Collagen accounts for more than 30 percent of the body's protein composition and about 75 percent of the skin's basic structure. As we grow older, the body's own ability to produce collagen is reduced. When the collagen level in the skin decreases, it causes the skin to become smoother, drier and more wrinkled.

Effects of marine collagen supplements
Reduces aging signs by maintaining skin moisture as well as promoting strength and elasticity, thus preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Contributes to building blocks for collagen synthesis
Faster wound healing due to the role of collagen fibers in the tissue formation
Increased protein intake. The fish collage consists of approx. 97% protein with very good amino acid composition
Important for the muscle and skeletal system: beneficial to bone health, because it can increase bone mineral density and have an anti-inflammatory effect



Collagen peptide powder from fish skin (Gadus morhua). May contain traces of fish and shellfish. Should not be used by people with fish and shellfish allergies.

Nutritional values per 5 g

Energy: 81 kJ or 19 kcal

Collagen peptides 5000 mg

Photographer Johan Wildhagen - Norwegian Seafood Council

Photographer Johan Wildhagen - Norwegian Seafood Council

Fotograf Kallen

Fotograf Kallen