Natural Mineral Water from Norway


5 Liters

The award winning mineral water is from an underground source just outside a small village, Snåsa, in the midle of Norway. A lot of our winter Olympic winners grew up in this cold, harsh and snowy region.

Protected from the outside world and with its purity unharmed, this natural mineral water fits perfect with Norway in a Box´s value: Transparently Norwegian



What is the health benefit?

Norwegian water is know for its high quality. Water quality in Norway is a driving factor in its high life expectancy and low mortality rates.


Content mg/l

Nitrate 0.09, bicarbonate 35.0, sulphate, chloride 4.5, calcium 9.8, magnesium 1.5, sodium 3.8, iron 0.04, fluorine < 0.05, TDS 46,7

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