NiB chain

To boost traceability and trust, the answer has come in the form of blockchain technology, enabling immutability of data and transparency in the supply chain. We developed NiB chain™ to answer the growing needs to export foods with transparency, to international markets, with the unique ability to trace every single product, its every step, starting from its origin. The distributed NiB chain™ solutions allows all participants of the supply chain to review and add to a products lifecycle - providing a unique possibility to tell our customers a trustworthy story.

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Norway in a Box, leading the way in real world Blockchain use

Increased focus on brand, food safety, origin and sustainability makes consumers want to know what they eat and where their food comes from. Our track&trace and document flow system shows the origin of the product, the product's path throughout the value chain and is fundamental to ensuring quality, trust, managing risk and not least the quality of the product.

The consumer who ultimately buys our products should know that this product is in compliance with the marketing of the product.

All of this is underpinned by blockchain technology that makes it virtually impossible to fake.

The NiB chain™ applications combine supplier and order management with a Blockchain backend and store relevant transactions when they happen. This provides authenticity for the story presented to end users that can easily access those stories by scanning a unique QR code that is printed on each product.