About us

Norway in a Box started off as a small family company, inspired by our grandparents who sailed the seven seas in the 20th century and our great-grandparents from the west coast of Norway who were one of the first to produce canned sardines back in the 19th century. 

We have now teamed up with other Norwegians who have experience from running old historical hotels, large retail stores and malls, wholesalers, Scandinavian tech start-ups and successful food companies and food concepts in Norway. 

We make sure the products we source from our suppliers, matches the core of our concept; caught, produced, packaged and sealed in Norway. All of this means that our company is more than capable of fulfilling our purpose. In Norway, where the air is clean and the water is cold, food grows slowly. Slow growth means more nutrients and more flavour in every fish, every vegetable and every berry. Norway in a Box aims to bring this food to the rest of the world. Every box is produced and sealed in Norway. It contains safe, clean food for a long and healthy life.

Food that’s transparently Norwegian.